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The Real Estate Market

Historically, the Collierville real estate market has experienced consistent growth, with property values appreciating over time. This thriving community offers a diverse range of housing options, including elegant single-family homes, estates, charming townhomes, and condominiums. Renowned for its top-notch schools, safe neighborhoods, and family-friendly environment, Collierville continues to draw homebuyers seeking a high quality of life.

The town’s well-maintained parks, recreational facilities, and variety of shopping and dining options contribute to its appeal. Additionally, Collierville’s strategic location in Shelby County grants residents convenient access to nearby Memphis, offering employment opportunities, cultural attractions, and entertainment options.

In general, the Collierville real estate market has favored sellers, with properties typically spending a relatively brief time on the market before being sold. However, it is essential to note that real estate markets are subject to fluctuations based on economic factors, local trends, and seasonality. For a comprehensive understanding of the current Collierville real estate market, consult a local real estate expert who can provide you with the latest data and personalized guidance based on your unique needs and preferences.

Notable Collierville, TN Residents

Some notable residents of Collierville include:

  1. Shea Ralph – Former WNBA player and current head coach for the Vanderbilt University women’s basketball team
  2. Jeremaine Copeland – Former CFL player and wide receivers coach
  3. Josh Pastner – Head men’s basketball coach at Georgia Tech

  4. Ben Johnson – Professional golfer
  5. Austin Riley – MLB player for the Atlanta Braves

Collierville, TN Schools

Public Schools in Collierville, TN:

  1. Collierville High School
  2. Schilling Farms Middle School
  3. West Collierville Middle School
  4. Bailey Station Elementary School
  5. Sycamore Elementary School
  6. Tara Oaks Elementary School
  7. Crosswind Elementary School

Private Schools in Collierville, TN:

  1. St. George’s Independent School
  2. Incarnation Catholic School
  3. Collierville Christian Academy

Public Amenities

Collierville, TN offers a variety of public amenities for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Parks and Green Spaces:

  1. H. W. Cox Park
  2. Suggs Park
  3. Estanaula Park
  4. W.C. Johnson Park
  5. Frank Road Park

Recreational Facilities and Community Centers:

  1. Collierville Burch Library
  2. Morton Museum of Collierville History
  3. Harrell Theatre
  4. Collierville Senior Center

Other Public Amenities:

  1. Collierville Town Hall
  2. Collierville Police Department
  3. Collierville Fire Department
  4. Collierville Public Services Department
  5. Collierville Animal Services

Collierville, TN, not only boasts a thriving real estate market and notable residents but also offers a wealth of public amenities for the community. With its convenient location, excellent schools, and family-friendly atmosphere, Collierville is an attractive place to call home. Whether you’re a long-time resident or considering a move to the area, Collierville has something to offer everyone.